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location Al Khawaneej | ID : MAK PP 1372

Warehouse | - 11000 Sq Ft. - 20000 Sq Ft.

20,000 Sq.Ft. plot 11000 sq,ft Built-up Brand New ...
AED 7,000,000    


location Al Khawaneej | ID : MAK PP 1362

Warehouse | - 14000 Sq Ft. - 24000 Sq Ft.

24000 Sq.Ft. plot 14000 sq,ft Built-up Brand New ...
AED 4,700,000    


location Al Qusais | ID : MAK PP 1422

Warehouse | - 34000 Sq Ft. - 50000 Sq Ft.

50,000 Sq.Ft. Plot size 34,000 sq,ft Build-up Cold...
AED 18,000,000    


location Al Qusais | ID : MAK PP 1408

Warehouse | - 30000 Sq Ft. - 39200 Sq Ft.

39,200 Sq.Ft. Plot size 30,000 sq,ft Build-up Cold...
AED 60,000,000    


location Al Quoz | ID : MAK PP 1072

Warehouse | - 45000 Sq Ft. - 45000 Sq Ft.

45,000 Sq.Ft. plot 45,000 sq,ft build up commercia...
AED 15,000,000    


location Al Khawaneej | ID : MAK PP 1023

Warehouse | - 17000 Sq Ft. - 16200 Sq Ft.

16,200 Sq.Ft. Plot w/ 17,000 Sq.Ft. Brand New Comm...
AED 4,400,000    


location Al Quoz | ID : MAK PP 965

Warehouse | - 38000 Sq Ft. - 52500 Sq Ft.

52,500 Sq.Ft. Plot w/ 38,000 Sq.Ft. Independent wa...
AED 10,500,000    


location International City | ID : MAK PP 1128

Warehouse | - 20000 Sq Ft. - 20000 Sq Ft.

20,000 Sq.Ft. Plot w/ 20,000 Sq.Ft. Built-up Brand...
AED 16,000,000    


location Al Qusais | ID : MAK PP 1378

Warehouse | - 21000 Sq Ft. - 23000 Sq Ft.

23,000 sq,ft plot 21,000 Sq.Ft. Build up commercia...
AED 7,000,000    


location International City | ID : MAK PP 1342

Warehouse | - 21000 Sq Ft. - 13000 Sq Ft.

13000 Sq.Ft. plot 21000 sq,ft Built-up Brand New ...
AED 12,000,000    


Warehouse for Sale in Dubai

Dubai an oasis of desert has now turned to be the worlds greatest industrial playground. It has been an ideal destination of investment. All the major countries of the world are eager to invest in Dubai. All the International companies of the world have seemed to settle in this land of tax free heaven. This place is also known for its organised residential and commercial buildings. The place is also renowned for its warehouses.

Concept of warehousing in Dubai 

Warehouses are actually storage house where one can store goods and inventories. Warehouses came into existence during the Industrial revolution. But before that there were storage pits that were extensively used for keeping goods. As Dubai is a great place for import export business most of the warehouses are constructed in different important areas of the city. The most vital places where warehouses are mostly found are Dubai Industrial Park (DIP), Jebel Ali Free Zone etc. There are many factors that have immense effect for acquiring warehouses in Dubai.

  • It is to be always kept in mind that without the prior approval of the Municipality no company can operate a warehouse for industrial purpose.

  • Any sort of commercial licence in industrial zone also needs approval of the Dubai Municipality Planning Department.

  • In the last year it was observed that some of the companies were renting out their warehouses for a long term contract for rent which were much lower compared to the office space. However these companies would then enter into a business by which they would part of the premises for staff accommodation and the other for running canteens on sub lease basis.


Reasons for sale of warehouse in Dubai:  There are ample reasons behind the warehouse sale in Dubai.

  • Firstly it can be commented that most of the warehouses are located on prime locations such as Dubai Industrial Park, Jebel Ali Port. They have quite a good communication system. Furthermore as Al Quoz is undergoing developmental works the land price is increasing incredibly.

  • As Dubai Investment Park is a remarkable place in every aspect most of the occupiers of the traditional industrial areas such as Al Quoz and Ras Al Khor are migrating to this place for warehouse facility.

  • The individual warehouse in Dubai measures about 8,000 -10,000 sq ft usually have high demand.

  • The Jebel Ali Port which is located about 35 km away from Dubai city is always known for its manmade port. This area has number of readymade factories and warehouses with good infrastructure. There are warehouses in this area which measures up to 23,000 sq feet.

  • However warehouse for sale in Dubai is always in great demand because there is loading dock for containers and truck, fire exit doors, ramps for forklift etc. warehouse in Dubai generally have a power rating of 10/KVA to 74/ KVA.

  • Lastly it can said that warehouse sale in Dubai is expected to experience steady growth in next 5-10 years because the smart city is focusing on core economic sectors of aviation and industry.



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