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location Al Quoz | ID : MAK PP 1396

Labour Accommodation | - 320 - 140000 Sq Ft. - 50000 Sq Ft.

320 Rooms ( Freehold Property) Labour Camp with Sh...
AED 70,000,000    


location Al Muhaisnah | ID : MAK PP 1233

Labour Accommodation | - 54 - 28000 Sq Ft. - 10000 Sq Ft.

54 Rooms Labour Camp independent for Sale in Al Mu...
AED 13,000,000    


location Al Quoz | ID : MAK PP 834

Labour Accommodation | - 71 - 21000 Sq Ft. - 10000 Sq Ft.

71 Rooms independent Labour Camp for Sale in Al Qu...
AED 10,000,000    


location Al Muhaisnah | ID : MAK PP 728

Labour Accommodation | - 60 - 21000 Sq Ft. - 10000 Sq Ft.

60 Rooms Labour Camp independent for sale in Al Mu...
AED 10,000,000    


location Al Muhaisnah | ID : MAK PP 1217

Labour Accommodation | - 83 - 30000 Sq Ft. - 40000 Sq Ft.

83 Rooms Labour Camp independent for Sale in Al Mu...
AED 14,500,000    


location Al Quoz | ID : MAK PP 649

Labour Accommodation | - 287 - 131000 Sq Ft. - 50000 Sq Ft.

287 Rooms ( Leasehold Property For 30 years) Labou...
AED 110,000,000    


location Al Muhaisnah | ID : MAK PP 1294

Labour Accommodation | - 52 - 36000 Sq Ft. - 20000 Sq Ft.

52 Rooms Labour Camp( Independent ) for Sale in Al...
AED 9,000,000    


location Al Quoz | ID : MAK PP 1295

Labour Accommodation | - 326 - 140000 Sq Ft. - 50000 Sq Ft.

326 Rooms Labour Camp and one commercial block (Le...
AED 65,000,000    


location Al Khawaneej | ID : MAK PP 1565

Labour Accommodation | - 116 - 80000 Sq Ft. - 20000 Sq Ft.

(Brand New) 116 Room Labour camp independent Avail...
AED 50,000,000    


location Al Quoz | ID : MAK PP 912

Labour Accommodation | - 135 - 47000 Sq Ft. - 16400 Sq Ft.

135 Rooms Independent Labour Camp brand new for sa...
AED 35,000,000    


Labour Camps or Accommodations Are Lucrative Investment Option in Dubai

Labour Accommodation is one of the support grounds that are designed to offer convenience to all the labour community. Labour Camps are built to accommodate both skilled and unskilled workers. Being in the industry for more than a decade, we work to get you the best labour accommodation in Dubai which provides all the facilities and making a labour feels like a home at the camps. All the accommodations and camps are available according to the varied requirement of the clients.
All the labour based accommodation and camps in Dubai are available at reasonable rates. We deal in Labour Camps in all major regions of Dubai. Most of our labour accommodations are located at a place that is well connected to other cities. Our labour camps and accommodation are spread all over the recommended location of Dubai city. 
We manage a wide range of labour camps or accommodations across the UAE. Whether you look for a small labour accommodation for sale in Sonapur or a large one in Sharjah, we can cater to your requirements. Location is not an issue for us. We have labour accommodations in locations such as Al Quoz to Jebel Ali. 
The Labour Camps we have are located nearby the industrial area so as to serve help businesses make most out of it due to its proximity. The Labour camps in Dubai will help in cutting the transport and other extra costs.

Below are the major attractions of our Labour Accommodations have:

  1. Labour camps of all sizes which can accommodate small as well as bigger company requirements.
  2. Starting from basic to advanced facilities are there in the labour accommodations. You can choose from a variety of options.
  3. Labour accommodations can be a very good investment option. Fetching an ROI between 8% and 15%, you can get the best benefit out of your investment.
  4. Get handsome monthly rentals which is better compared to any other investment in Dubai.
We are a lead of provider of labour accommodation at the best of prices. All the labour accommodations are designed and structured as per labour accommodation rules of Dubai Government. We offer multiple provisions and facilities along with the suitable choices so far as labour accommodation is concerned across Dubai.

Labour Accommodation in Dubai is a wonderful investment option:

Labour accommodation is one of the best investment options in Dubai. Not only does it give you a wonderful property appreciation value, but also a healthy monthly return.  Dubai, being a commercial hub, lots of people across the globe come here to have a job. Foreign workers inflow has been increasing day by day, boosting the demand of labour accommodations. It is a high time that individual, as well as corporate, should start investing in labour camps in Dubai for a wonderful return.


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