Will This Gem Of A Hotel Come To Dubai UAE

Dutch Architects who in relation to China Hotel which will look similar to the huge cut up chunk of amethyst have interest on Dubai for its own gem hotel.

Will This Gem Of A Hotel Come To Dubai
The NL Architects Amsterdam based is planning on a luxury hotel on the Ocean Flower project, it is an under development artificial island located in the sea north of Hainan Province in South western China. The developer, Guangzhou-based Ever Grande Group, is considering an investor for the development who would also run the hotel processes.

One of the architects from NL Architects in the team stated that they are presuming Dubai to be the apt city for the gem like the Amethyst Hotel.

He also said that they anticipate on appealing a hotelier that would like to ultimately construct a chain of these, all the others mildly different, all distinct and on different locations.

As per the architects the rooms at the Amethyst Hotel would be positioned around a huge void that rises numerous storeys, and access to the rooms will be sideways to the outer perimeter of the hotel.
Will This Gem Of A Hotel Come To Dubai UAE

Sparkling splinters would border the windows, will make the hotel look like gemstone.

China is home to a portion of the extravagant and whimsical properties.

Among them are the steed shoe moulded Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in Huzhou, close Shanghai, which was unveiled in 2013. The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel outside Beijing, which is launching shortly, resembles a rugby ball.

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