Indian realty Investment

With the resurgence of Indian economy supported by a stabilized government which is focused on transforming businesses, things have started to change radically in the real estate sector. With all positive things happening across India, realty market  has become a prime focus area for NRIs.

The real estate investment in India has been seeing an upward trend offering a better ROI. In order to take advantage of this, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are considering Indian realty as a preferred hub for their investment. Thousands of investors from Britain, US, Canada, India and Dubai have started shifting their focus to Indian realty for their second home option due to the depreciating rupee and increased real estate value of in India.

According to a report, an estimated 30 million NRIs living in 160 countries are looking at India for real estate investment opportunities. Due to positive changes in the FDI investment regulations in real estate sector, more investment is expected in 2015. In the period between 2012-13, approximately US$ 67.6 billion has been invested on Indian realty followed by US$ 70.6 billion in 2013-14. The year 2015 looks very promising as more NRIs have been focusing on Indian realty.

According to the recent revision in realty investment law in India, if an NRI makes investment in immovable property in India, he is not required to comply with any formality of the law.

Why NRIs Prefer Indian Realty Over Other Investment Options?

  • Indian government has recently got rid of the minimum cap of 20,000 sqm for FDI and minimum investment of $5 million in real estate.
  • Indian laws have made the task of NRIs investing in Indian property simpler with attractive schemes under the FEMA.
  • Prospects for Indian Property prices have always kept on rising without a  halt, so having a thought of investing in an Indian property is quite natural.
  • Over the last decade, real estate in India has given good returns to the investors.
  • It is a tax saving tool for NRIs and can a regular flow of rental income.

The investment process has become hassle-free, tensions are minimal and tax provisions are very simple. NRIs will definitely be happy with their decision of making investment in Indian realty because of it is high returns.  However, before investing on any real estate property in India, it is highly advisable to take the assistance of a real estate consultant.

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