What Should Be Your Strategy As A Real Estate Developer To Attract Buyers?

A systematic marketing approach and assistance of a real estate brokerage company can improve sale


Currently, there are many real estate projects which are under construction in Dubai. 70,000 square meter of office space, 50,000 square meter of retail space, 45,000 residential units and 20, 000 hotel rooms are under construction, says a report. Supply level is expected to increase over the next few years. The question is where the projects will get the funding from. It is worth examining what are the different sources of funding available for developers in Dubai.

Current market scenario

Fall in company equity
Given the current conditions where there are debt restrictions, equity level of the company has to be increased. Some developers can contribute to the capital by increasing their equity thru IPOs or capital raisings. Equity market is cautious both in domestic and international sphere. So, it is very difficult to attract funds from company equity.

Limited Debt Funds
Debt funds both in domestic and international market is likely to be limited in the year 2016. Liquidity in the banks is expected to decline. Government will not be in a position to pump in capital into the banking system due to declining oil prices.

Declining Pre-sales figure
Pre-sales have been used as a major means of funds for both commercial as well as residential projects. Given the current scenario, market for pre-sales has been disappeared completely. Only 17,000 pre-sales have been recorded in 2015 which is less than half of the 2008 figure.

How companies are sourcing funding?
Despite the shortage of funds, developers are showing interest in the recent launches. They resort to different innovative sales campaigns to attract more consumers. A new sales model called built-to-suit has been used to fund commercial projects in Dubai. By using this model, construction is funded on the back of a long-term lease to a major corporate tenant.

How to attract buyers to your projects?

Real Estate Buyers

Effective Market Plan: Developers need to design an effective marketing plan targeting all strata of the society by using all mediums of marketing. A marketing strategy without a proper direction will not fetch good results. Your need to analyze the current market conditions and plan your strategy accordingly. Starting from outdoor advertising to running PPC campaigns, you need to explore all the possibilities in the market to attract buyers.

Taking the help of a real estate brokerage company: A real estate broker will be an ideal choice in getting your inventories sold to buyers. Real estate companies have a huge database of investors which can be leveraged to sell your product. Having a good knowledge of real estate market, these brokers will guide you in attracting more buyers to your project.

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