s Tops Global List For Its Foreign Aid Accounting For AED 21.5b

According to UAE government report it was found that UAE provided AED21.5 billion ($5.85 billion) in foreign aid in 2013, this is the utmost amount attained by any country in 50 years.
s Tops Global List For Its Foreign Aid Accounting For AED 21.5bAccording to figures released by The Ministry of International Cooperation and Development signifies that UAE is the global leader in offering humanitarian aid.

Around 94.6 percent which is the majority of total aid donations in 2013 was for development, which amounted to AED 20.46 billion than compared to Aed5.07 billion in 2012. In the second place stands Charity aid amounting to AED 640 million spent, which is 2.95 percent of total aid. Whereas the spending on humanitarian aid accounted for AED530 million, which is 2.45 percent of aid in contrast to Aed400 million in 2012.

The UAE Foreign Aid Report 2013 also presented that AED13.77 billion of aid was offered as grants, however AED7.86 billion as loans.

It added that government aid made the major contribution (82.6 percent) to the total, accounting for AED17.9 billion. Aid offered by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development stood second with AED1.7 billion.

The third position was for Aid offered by the Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation accounting for Dh777 million, 3.59 per cent of aid, whereas Emirates Red Crescent offered AED566.5 million, accounting for (2.62 percent) of aid.

Reports also underlined the geographic sharing of UAE aid. African countries received the major share with AED18.1 billion in contrast to Dh958 million in 2011, Asia received AED2.7 billion of aid, whereas countries in Europe, North and South America and Oceania received AED811 million.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said:

Shaikh Mohammad’s comments came at the launch of the UAE Foreign Aid Report 2013 on Monday in Abu Dhabi. “The UAE does not provide conditional assistance or wait for returns. It simply wants stability and welfare for the people around the world.”

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