The UAE ranks top when it comes  to offering  congenial business conditions among the world’s emerging economies. The Agility index ranked 45 emerging markets as per their size, business condition, infrastructure and other factors. Overall, UAE ranked 2nd after China in the index.

Market size and growth attractiveness
Economy of China is 25 times bigger; India is five times larger; and Brazil is six times bigger than UAE economy. However, the UAE ranked ahead of other bigger economies and clinched the second position after China in Market Size and Growth Attractiveness Index.

Market Compatibility
UAE, Qatar and Oman are the most business-friendly countries in the Index in term of market access, risk, government ruling, overseas investment and urbanization. Other than UAE, Gulf states including  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain also ranked near top.

Market Connectedness
UAE leads all 45 countries in  Market Connectedness Index. It means UAE has the wonderful combination of infrastructure, transportation, and customs & border administration. Its strategic location and congenial business ambiance have made it a business hub that links the east and the west.

Markets for Potential Investment over the Next Five Years
According to the Agility index,  the UAE clinches fourth place in market for potential investment index. The UAE has a positive edge over other nations in the list as no other country in the top-five list improved their ranking other than UAE in 2016.

The Agility Index proved the point that UAE has the potential to grow. Hence, it seems to be the right time to invest in Dubai. If you are an investor looking for investment options in Dubai, you can visit our property portal, The property portal is specifically designed to provide various investment options to investors across the globe.

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