UAE President aims at making the country global capital for knowledge and culture

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has ordered the Cabinet to form a committee which will develop a nationwide framework and supervise the new initiative.

Shaikh Mohammad Tweets,

”A nation and its people cannot progress without reading. The scientists, researchers and innovators that will lead the future will not come from nowhere. We have to create them on the basis of a love for reading and a passion for knowledge and curiosity.”

The Dubai ruler is very thankful to all organizations, departments and individuals across the country for their share in the success of 2015 as the year of innovation. He emphasized the country is on the right path for innovation and will experience the benefits very soon.

According to Shaikh Mohammad,
Our goal is to make the UAE a beacon of knowledge and education, just as Baghdad, Andalusia, Granada and others were centers of enlightenment, knowledge and civilization over many centuries”.

The committee has been assigned the task of supervising the project which will develop an integrated strategy to spread a culture of reading across all sectors.

Action plan to achieve the goal:

  • A committee will be set up to oversee the new initiative. The Cabinet has been instructed to initiate work on crafting a framework to instill the habit of reading among Emirati generations.
  • The Cabinet approved the declaration of 2016 as the Year of Reading, and further ordered relevant officers to start preparation.
  • The committee will include members from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development, Ministry of Education, and famous personalities who will be overlooking cultural and literary events across the UAE.
  • An effective plan and framework will be developed by the committee to further the process.

The Crown Prince of Dubai said the framework will bring about behavioral change in the society which will help in creating a new generation of readers. His aim is to make the UAE a capital of knowledge and culture by instilling a habit of reading in the younger generation.


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