3villaz.com property portal for investors

Property portal is not a new concept. Various property portals with numerous features are available in the market which allow landlords and developers to post their properties. However, a feature-rich, user-friendly and search-friendly portal capable of generating more leads is what a property seller expect.

www.3villaz.com is one of such portals which not only gives you peace of mind by taking the onus of showcasing your property to big ticket investors across the globe, it also generates quality leads. The portal is extensively marketed across various channels to advertise your property. This property portal helps landlords and developers to sell both their residential and commercial properties by using its exclusive service.

Being a developer or a landlord, you must distinguish between a property portal that generates quality leads and the one that wastes your valuable time and money. We have compiled top seven qualities that make www.3villaz.com the undisputed leader among other property portals.

Free Listing with assured leads: Property owners and developers can post their property on our portal without paying a penny. Once you post your property, you will start getting leads. Every day, lots of properties are being posted on the portal and many leads are generated. The portal has been helping developers and property owners in selling their property faster.

3villaz.com Property portal for investors

Extensive Promotion: Our advertising team promotes the property portal across all online and offline channels increasing the visibility of your property. As a result of our extensive promotion, more people browse thru our portal to get the required property.

Increasing unique visitors: We have lots of unique visitors on our website with an impressive bounce rate. Most of the traffic comes from organic search. We also run PPC and social media campaigns to promote our website. Besides, our offline activities also drive lots of traffic to our website.

Quality SEO: With a Strong SEO team, we appear on top of almost all search engines on certain keywords. Because of our quality SEO strategies, your property appears on any related searches, increasing chances of them being sold faster.

Easy to use: Our property portal is very user-friendly. We made it very easy so that even a layman can understand and use it. It is very simple. You just need to register with us using a simple form. Once you are registered with us, you can start posting your property.

Huge investor database: Every week, an e-mailer is sent to the database of our investors with an updated list of properties available for sale. Investors also browse through our portal and inquire about the properties. Other than this, we get regular calls from the property investors who are looking for investment options.

In a nutshell, www.3villaz.com is a one-stop solution for all your property selling requirement. If you are looking to buy, rent or invest on any type of property, this property portal is the best solution.


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