Whether you are looking for a  budget holiday destination, or searching for an investment hub which offers a better ROI, Dubai has everything to offer. Not only does it attract the high net worth individuals with its huge earning potential, but also is affordable for investors with a low budget.

Buying a pEmerging Locations In Dubai Record Healthy Gain In Realty Transactions Despite Oil Slumproperty in Dubai will not just make it an another property, but an eternal source of best rental income. Other than rental income, the value of property appreciation is the higher compared to other international cities across the globe. Property investment in Dubai is one of the wisest decisions compared to other investment options.

According to a famous property portal in Dubai, Indians top the list in their search for property in Dubai. Indians have now started to tap the best investment opportunities in Dubai. Especially, young entrepreneurs, professionals working in corporate sector, retired government employees looking for a low risk real estate investment option have started investing in Dubai realty market.

Indians look for Dubai property for various reasons. A lot of  Indians, specially people from Mumbai, are buying property in Dubai as a second home option because of: 

  • Its close proximity to India; it’s just about 3 hours flight time from Mumbai
  • Its world-class infrastructure
  • Its International standard educational institutional institutes
  • Medical tourism : as no hanky panky stuff involved here
  • It’s being developed as the most beautiful city in the world which offers a matchless ROI

Investors come to us and enquire about lot of things before investing in Dubai. Below is one of the investor’s objective and queries:

The investor wanted to invest in 100% freehold residential property in Dubai  to the tune of INR 2 Crores (inclusive of charges, registration, and brokerage, etc.). He was looking for an annual ROI of 8% (post tax). His objective was to give it on rent

  1.  For a deal size from AED 750,000 to 1,000,000 how much monthly rent can we expect?
    Answer: On an investment size of 750,000, the yearly rental income yield will be 65,000 (gross).
  1. What will be the other ancillary charges for acquisition of property? Other recurring charges like Maintenance cost, property taxes, etc?
    Answer:Out of AED 65,000, a sum of AED 12,000 is for maintenance and the net income will be AED 53,000.
  2.  What more can we get when we invest in Dubai?
    Answer: Every investor putting in AED 1.2 million gets a 3-year investors visa. Additionally, he can apply for a family visa on a payment of AED 10,000.

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