Sweden Island The Heart of Europe in The World Dubai


Sweden Island forms part of ‘The Heart of Europe’, an iconic collection of six distinctive islands, located on ‘The World’, 4km from Dubai’s coastline. This is a truly unique development that offers an unparalleled hospitality like no other.

Lining Sweden Island’s shores are 10 stunning and exclusively designed villas, influenced by the beautifully crafted and intricate structure of Swedish Viking vessels.

The World Dubai

Sweden Island will not just encompass Swedish traditions, cultures and concepts – it will introduce a comprehensive Scandinavian lifestyle to the UAE, synonymous with the land of the midnight sun, bringing high-end living to Dubai inspired by Swedish heritage.

Sweden Arrives in Dubai:

Sweden Island on The Heart of Europe will encapsulate not just the vast array of culture, art and historical treasures from Sweden, as well as its island and picturesque medieval beauty. It will capture the very essence, the aura and the classic touches of a complete Swedish lifestyle. Nordic living from the land of the Vikings set in contemporary Dubai.

Sweden Island will encompass authentic, traditional Swedish F & B based on Stockholm’s famous Saluhall Market, and will serve the finest Swedish cuisine. This will provide a genuinely exciting and unique culinary experience, with diners feasting on Snaps and Glögg, hot mulled wine and Saffransbullar during Christmas time, and delicacies such as sour herring, Swedish meatballs, Raggmunk, toast Skagen, Swedish smorgasbord and tasty crayfish throughout the year.

As well as luxury Swedish cuisine, Sweden Island will also emulate the many popular Swedish cultural phenomenon’s & calendar traditions which have developed their own rich and distinctive character,  which have elevated Swedish dishes into world-renowned restaurant repertoire. Such events will include Midsummer, Swedish National Day, St Martin’s Day, Walpurgis Eve, Crayfish Party, Saint Lucia, as well as many other events celebrating the best of Swedish Film, Music and Arts.

The Island will even boast a totally inspiring and unique snow sauna room, distinguishable with the Scandinavian motherland. Sophisticated Swedish living at its best. Live in the land of the midnight sun.


The Vikings were as revered for their adept ships as they were feared for their engaging battles of war. These rapid vessels had the strength to survive treacherous voyages, navigating from an array of shallow waters through to stormy oceans.


Long after the end of the Viking era, their ship–building legacy lived on – such was the technical beauty and design of these superior and dominant vessels. In 1759, 10 sailed away from Sweden’s harbour, never to be seen again.

Until, that is, they are uncovered on Sweden Island on The Heart of Europe – an exclusive, high–end, first of its kind island destination that draws inspiration from the very best of Swedish design, culture and heritage.

The Villas:


The roof of each exclusive 7 bedroom villa resembles the upturned hull of one of these beautiful Viking ships – a truly unique talking point for visitors to this once in a lifetime location. Solar panelling lines sections of these majestic, towering roofs, making perfect use of Dubai’s glorious year-round sunshine – a factor that also adds to the environmentally sustainable nature of these spectacular abodes.


All the materials and furnishings used to create these high-end, luxury villas have been chosen with the utmost care and attention, to ensure they echo this outstanding project’s highly authentic, exclusive and modern Swedish feel.

Inside each beautiful abode, a stylish interior unfolds, combining clean lines and stunning design features with beautiful functionality, embodying all that is best about Scandinavian design.

The most unique and totally inspiring concept on Sweden Island will be the snow sauna room on offer to villa owners on the island. This helps to induce relaxation and as a sauna session is seen as a very important part of daily life in Scandinavia, it’s vital to offer the same amenities on The Heart of Europe.

Swedish Design

 In every corner of this encapsulating island there is something that perfectly echoes Swedish design, which is renowned for sparking an awakening in the arts in the last decade, with its concept of “creating new things for the world” and “more beautiful things for everyday use.”

Sweden Island The Heart of Europe in The World Dubai-3

Villa features

Each villa meticulously pays homage to Swedish heritage and love of sleek, contemporary design, while state of the art furnishings throughout set the backdrop for a truly unforgettable stay.

Floor–to–ceiling windows allow sunlight to flood in, maximising the views of Dubai’s epic skyline – breathtaking in its diversity. Expansive balconies wrap the front of the upper two levels of each stunning villa, providing ample space to relax and read, or simply observe the beautiful, unbroken landscape.

This Stylish, modern and sophisticated design, combined with the peace and tranquillity of the island retreat setting off the coastline of Dubai, reflects perfectly urban Sweden, mixed with the simpler whispered pleasures seen in rural Sweden.

  1. Plot size range from 1,400 m² to 1,700 m²
  2. Each Villa has 4 Floors:
    a. Lower Ground
    b. Ground Floor
    c. Mezzanine
    d. First Floor
  3. 7 en-suite Bedrooms
    a. 1 Bedroom En-suite at Ground floor
    b. 4 bedroom En-suite at Mezzanine
    c. M aster’s Bedroom with walk-in closet, full bath, and living area at first floor
    d. Children’s bedroom En-suite at First Floor.
  4. T he Lower ground houses a Gym and Spa, plus entertainment space (Majlis)
  5. The Total Built Up area for a single villa is 1,254.70 m²
  6. Snow Sauna Room.

A Unique Hospitality Location:

The Heart of Europe and Sweden Island occupies one of Dubai’s most coveted property hotspots – in a location that has been identified as AREA 1 for property investment, as highlighted in the Government’s important master plan document for the Dubai World Expo 2020.

This zone has been ranked as the primary area in Dubai – a factor that sets owners up for high investment returns.

Investing in Dubai:

Welcome to a city where ambition and growth go hand in hand.

With the World Expo 2020 on Dubai’s horizon, there has never been a better time to invest in the world’s fastest growing and most exciting hospitality market.

The region acts as a year-round reminder of human potential, defying the odds and going where no man has ever gone before with its iconic skyscrapers, futuristic landscape and cultural matrix – everywhere you look, the innovation and development of this progressive city is profound  for all to see.

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