Strong FDI Inflow In The Middle East

The UAE remained the second largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Middle East after Turkey in 2014, according to United Nations.

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Dubai’s development persistently makes to global headlines and its appeal as a destination for tourists and commerce alike is currently well-known.

With a varied, multicultural population, Dubai provides its residents and business people a distinctive environment, melting pots of cultures which comprises of more than 190 nationalities and an eminent life style and work life unparalleled in the Middle East. It is a lively metropolis with a blend of all cultures.

The alluring lifestyle and investment incentives, the tax-free policies and penalty-free repatriation of earnings have massive benefits on business level, with exceptional prospect for private savings and proficient profits attract FDI flows to the country. Numerous set up businesses each year, Dubai is the great gateway between East and West and the nucleus for the region’s imports and exports market – one of the most lucrative in the world.

The GCC economies and has transformed into state-led construction growth which is particularly on infrastructure and oil and gas development, opening prospect for foreign contractors to slot in new projects in the area through less risky non-equity modes.

Strong FDI Inflow In The Middle East UAE

The positive FDI inflow to the Middle East is due to various benefits, to mention a few: not directly imposing tax on a company, a profitable and reliable banking sector and constructive regulations for foreign investments. The geographical condition of the country makes it a budding platform to persuade the whole of the Gulf, the country has a cheap foreign labor force, very good transport and production infrastructures and an access to low cost energy.

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