Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Dubai Real Estate Properties

The current property market in Dubai is significantly more robust than it was before the crash in 2008. Essentially, the Dubai-specific factors that triggered the preceding crisis are extremely absent in present market Now every investor is presented with an exceptional investment opportunity in Dubai and Dubai has achieved global status as an advanced cosmopolitan city.

Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Dubai Real Estate Properties

The current low prices and fall in home loan rates in Dubai indicate a prospective time to invest in Dubai real estate. For long term investors and people who aspire to own a residence in Dubai then there is good news. The property prices are anticipated to increase 10-15% annually, till 2020. So if you are preparing to stay and work in Dubai for the next five years, you can expect a good 50% upsurge in your property value. For first time buyers: buying is still easy for those who are certainly thoughtful about acquiring a residence in the emirate also you can consider the fact that the property prices in Dubai are still economical in contrast to those of New York, London and some other global metropolises.
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Why Invest In Dubai Real Estate Now?

  • Prices today are accurately reasonable:  For on-plan property in fully developed locations such as Downtown, prices average around Dh2, 500 per sq. ft.
  • The market is regulated:  The government has learned from the slip-ups of the past and has introduced strict requirements for developers prior to their launching new projects to confirm a stout, competitive, insulated and structured environment for all investors.
  • Conservative financing schemes have become the rule:  Both banks and the government have incorporated new measures and regulations that make a 2008-type over exposure to debt impossibility.
  • The market is extremely liquid: Interest rates are low and mega investors are liquid. Lately, it was discovered that 30 per cent of its investors’ holdings were in cash or cash-like assets. This liquidity allows mega investors to search for prospects at the right price.

So if there is still speculation on if it is the right time to invest in Dubai properties, the answer is a definite yes. Now is the time to invest in Dubai. While investing in property it is very important to select the right developer, the suitable location and the appropriate layout and which we can guide you to ensure all this while making your property investment in Dubai.

Dubai is the most happening city and Dubai has beaten the likes of New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Paris to be named the best city in the world to work and live in. Are you looking to Invest in Dubai Real estate market? Click here to contact us for more Details…

Buying/Selling Property

If you are in search for buying/selling a property, Riveria Global Real Estate is the best decision to end your hunt. With a group of exceedingly committed experts and specialists in their specific field Riveria Global Real Estate offers its customers the best property guidance and helps you in getting the best property deal as per your comfort and within your means.

Riveria Global Real Estate assists you to achieve the right commercial and residential options for rent in Dubai. Our efficient team of employees will assure that you get the best out of the investment you have made you in addition our priority will be your convenience and purchasing capacity  which will be always be kept in regard.

Whether you are purchasing or selling, we realize the procedure can often be challenging and complicated. We focus on taking the pressure off you, so you can make sound and concise decision during the process. Ultimately, a ‘successful sale’ is our chief aim and we employ our skill to make that happen for you.

Our clients are offered the highest care and precise information in regard to the properties. Our extensive agent databases and client database, we make certain that we find the right property of your choice. We’ve taken the traditional role of real estate agents and turned it around.

Landlords willing to list your property with us are most welcome. We will guide you decide on where to price your property, decide which marketing technique will be most efficient and then negotiate and close the sale of your property. We know that each property is unique; therefore each marketing pitch will be exclusively tailored to the property and to make it a successful sale.

Marketing Your Property Online:

We advise you and help you in finding, buying or selling prime property; we also guide you to make best investment opportunities on our property portal Landlords and sellers do not need to worry about your property not leasing or getting sold. We let you advertise on our property portals (Premium packages available) and also regular advertise options which will lease or sell your property at a double quick time to the right audience.

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