Mumbai City

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, has been named the richest city in India. According to New World Wealth, an international Intelligence and Marketing Research Firm, Mumbai has a total wealth of around 820 billion US dollars with approximately 28 billionaires and 46,000 millionaires.

Mumbai Tops in Total Wealth List

According to the study, India is home to around 264,000 millionaires and 95 billionaires with a total wealth of 6.2 Trillion American Dollars as per the records.

When it comes to the highest number of billionaires, Mumbai tops the list again with 28 billionaires. Delhi is close behind with 18 and Bengaluru is at 3rd place with 8 billionaires. Hyderabad has 6, Pune has 5, Kolkata and Chennai have four each and Gurgaon has two billionaires.

Mumbai Has Highest Number of Billionaires

The report shows an amazing chart. Among the total of 264,000 millionaires, Mumbai tops list with 46,000 millionaires.  Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata are in the 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th Position respectively.  Pune, Chennai and Gurgaon form the last three positions respectively.

Largest Number of Millionaires Live In MumbaiFollowing are the most affluent suburbs in Mumbai:

  • Bandra
  • Juhu
  • Goregaon
  • Lower Parel
  • Palm Beach Road.

Going by all the figures, it is obvious that India is one of the biggest markets in the international arena. With such a huge capital investment capability, these HNWIs have the potential for real estate investment in Dubai. If you are a real estate builder or developer in Dubai, you can take advantage of the Mumbai market by showcasing your  inventories to the right audience.

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