Free Wi-Fi at Public Parks in Dubai

Dubai is the destiny of surprises, we have numerous highlights such as ski Dubai, Arabian Adventures, world largest shopping mall and now we also have WiFi at the Parks which is first of its kind initiative in the Middle East. The visitors to major parks will now have access to free WiFi and do not need to get distressed due to lack of charge or data coverage in your electronic device.

Free Wi-Fi at Public Parks in Dubai

The project known as Smart Palm provides park visitors with absolutely free WiFi service as well as charging points. This initiative was unveiled last year during Gitex in October.

The project Smart Palm is a unique development which is in the form of a date palm offers self sustaining community tech hub. The palm is of 6 meter and it has been equipped with solar panels along with numerous multiple charging points eligible for tablets and mobile phones.

Free Wi-Fi at Public Parks in Dubai UAE

The first Smart Palm was launched in Zabeel Park- Gate 6. The Director General of Dubai Municipality Hussain Nasser Lootah stated that there will be more of 52 such Solar Palm which will be installed and the regions covered include public beaches and chief marks.

The Smart Palm is efficient to efficient enough to provide WiFi coverage upto 53 metres and also one smart can be used by 50 people at a time. There are eight charging points on each Smart Palm, offering extreme recharging capability, two and a half times faster than a regular plug.

Mixed Reactions:
There was mixed reaction from people in regard to Smart Palm. As per Khaleej Times, people had both negative and positive outlook towards the project. Few people were very glad by this initiative, especially youngsters who shared their view saying that it would be easier for them to upload pictures and share it as soon as they snap it, also charge the phone at times of emergency. On the other hand a person stated an opposing view that being and parks of public beaches are times that people tend to spend their quality time with family, this initiative will interrupt with the overall interaction between family members in this case people will stay more or less glued to their phone.

The project was initiated and further incorporated by private firm D IDEA, the Smart Palm project has companies such as Du, Sun Tab Solar Energy and Promo Tech Gulf Industry contributing towards the overall functionality of the product.

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