3villaz Dubai Properties
3villaz Dubai Properties

Dubai, the bright shining star among other Arab countries. The political stability and harmony to work and reside in Dubai has made it a Dream to own a home or invest in Dubai. As per the latest data by DLD;“Overall property transactions in Dubai totalled Dh204 billion in the first nine months of 2017” (Dubai Land Department). There is an augmented growth in demand for off plan properties. Duringthe Middle East’s leading Real Estate Property Exhibition;Cityscape Global, the sales of off-plan properties for this year totalled more than Dh870 million. As Dubai market is maturing and new developments are on the rise, the property market is flourishing with new architectural ideas and a steady economy attracting battalions of investors from all around the globe. A latest report by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) states UAE is thriving and flourishing into an inviolable economy. The latest economic outlook report by (IIF) is a positive affirmation for investors looking to invest in UAE. As per the MENA Chief Economist of the IIF; GarbisIradian, “UAE won’t face a downfall due to the fluctuations in the oil price cause of how well UAE has developed during the years and the current salubrious progress. UAE has a competent financial buffer (estimated at around $670 billion), highly organized banks, superior quality infrastructure, safe heaven status, melting pot with business friendly economy”.IIF stated that will UAE will further ameliorate its business environment and its competitiveness. The economic will expected to proliferate in trifold in the upcoming years due to steady oil price, impressive growth in global trade and the expected easing pace of fiscal adjustment. UAE has developed into a very robust economy; an all in one economy with a strong financial base making it an investors heaven.

Why Off-plan Property?

  • No financial Burden:Firstly the flexible finance options available puts the investor/buyer in a comfortable position because there is no requirement to take up a large lumpsum property loan, the attractive payment scheme allows flexibility to pay off the property cost while the project is being built, enabling you save on the interest amount. The staged payments allow you to budget your property investments better.
  • Financially profitable:It’s satisfying to lock in today’s price and when you sell it in future you receive a quick profit. The UAE real estate market is developing drastically due to which the demand for property ishigh in Dubai, the possibilities of rental increases in the upcoming years are also high which makes the property capable of receiving a great return on investment.
  • RERA protects buyers right: The Real Estate Regulatory Authority has incorporated strict measures to protect buyers right for off-plan purchases, these measures are implemented by the sellers of the property making it safe for an investor/buyer to spend their money on an off plan property.


If you are an investor looking for multiple units to invest it, look no further!While investing on a multiple properties it is very important to select the right development, the suitable location and the appropriate layout and which we can guide you to ensure all this while making your property investment in Dubai.If you are a prospective investor looking for investment options, our panel of expert agents in Riveria Global will assist you make your choice. Click here for more Details…


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