Dubai Ruler Announces Ministry of 'Happiness' and 'Tolerance' for UAE

Dubai ruler Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the complete overhaul of government structure on social media site, Twitter, on 8th February, 2016. Various ministries were restructured and new positions were created to ensure efficiency and effective delivery of services.

Per the recent changes in the structure, the government will comprise fewer ministers. More ministers will be assigned to manage national, strategic and dynamic portfolios. More government services will be outsourced to the private sector. Ministries of education, health, social affairs, labour, environment, and water and cabinet affairs have been either merged or restructured.

Important Structural Changes

  • Ministry for Tolerance: Ministry of tolerance has been created to establish tolerance as a rudimentary value of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Ministry of Happiness: In another significant announcement, a new post of Minister of State for Happiness has been created to channel policies and plans to achieve a happier society.
  • Board of Scientists, researchers and academics: The board has been created to advise the government on science and knowledge.
  • Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the future: The cabinet will help the government in devising strategies for future.

Other changes in government structure

Council of Youth
To harness the power of youth, a new council is to be created which will be headed by a 22-year-old female Minister of State. It will comprise a group of  males and females to  serve as advisers to the government on all types of issues related to youth.

Ministry of Education
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education will be combined under one ministry. A self-governing entity will be created to handle public schools.

Ministry of Health and Prevention
The Ministry of health has been renamed as Ministry of Health and Prevention. The ministry will ensure protection of society from diseases.

Mohammad emphasized the need of a government which builds skills of its citizens instead of focusing on service only. it will enable the government to encourage success.

Commenting on the overall growth, the Dubai ruler said that last decade was based on policy building, strategies and tool, but the next decade will be marked with future challenges, changes and competitiveness.


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