Dubai realty offers better value for money than London property

Dubai realty market is expected to pick up again in 2016 as the following five years are expected to see a strong economic growth in Dubai ahead of the EXPO 2020. This is the perfect time for investors to invest in real estate market in Dubai.

If you are a buyer, you will definitely be interested in the value proposition. If you compare Dubai to London, the two major world cities, Dubai has an extra edge over London in terms of offering value for your investment. Dubai realty offers a better ROI with minimum investment whereas property of London offers comparatively a lesser ROI with a huge investment.


The property price of an apartment in the prime location of London stands at DH 4.9 million (DH 4,500 per square foot) while the average residential property price at prime locations of Dubai stands at DH1,441 per square foot.

If you look at the current scenario, DH 11.4 million will get you a 5,500 square foot four-bedroom Home on the Palm. By investing the same amount, you will get a “two- or three- bedroom flat in Chelsea, which is roughly a one-third of the size.

According to a report, Cityscape Global event has revealed that residential and commercial realty in Dubai may come up as the preferred choice for HNWIs and NRIs that are looking for a market that will offer them a good ROI.

Timing is always a major deciding factor when you are planning to invest on any real estate property. However, it is always better to be early rather than late. Looking at the current scenario of Dubai real estate property market, investors should immediately start investing.


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