s Role As Business Hub

Dubai will further enhance its business community by initiating novel plans that will reinforce emirates role as business hub. Abdulla Al Shaibani and Hamad Buamim at the networking meeting held recently in Dubai spoke regarding the Dubai Plan 2021 to mold the future of Dubai through six themes. Below are the highlights from The Talk Business networking meetings organized by Dubai Chamber in regard to Dubai Plan 2021.

Dubai Plan 2021 To Reinforce Emirate's Role As Business Hub

Al Shainabi added the intent and objectives of Dubai Plan 2021 and its significance and advantages to the business community. He said that the private sector plays an important part in the plans implementation by strengthening Dubai into a business nucleus for the globe.  Dubai provides an open door policy and exclusive world class logistics. Various other high class facilities and ease of doing business has bought enormous to the country.

Abdulla Al Shaibani, Secretary-General of Dubai Executive Council stated that the government places enormous importance for partnership with business in advance the private and public sectors and numerous economic sectors along with logistics, trade, tourism and finance, also in attaining GDP growth.

Al Shaibani adds that the government of Dubai is exerting  further effort in enhancing the city to become one of the most favoured place to work, reside, visit, also a city which is consistent on its sustainable economic growth, most friendly business city, worlds chief business centre and the best investment city.

He added: The government is eager on economic diversification, which is necessary for strengthening Dubai’s business community along with developing free zones to attract foreign and local investment. Technology an innovation will be the pillars of Dubai Palns 2021 and will have an immense role in driving the economy forward.

The six themes portray the vision of emirates wise leader ship in modifying Dubai into an adept and sustainable city. Dubai plan 2021 is an initiative for development in all aspects of Dubai and it is divided into 6 themes. They are:

The People: City of Happy, Creative & Empowered People

The people of Dubai are the main focus of Dubai Plan 2021.This plan focuses on conforming that the people in Dubai are competent to developing Dubai future, strengthen feelings of  individual responsibility, towards families and society in supporting education and personal development. This theme implies an individual in being productive and innovative in all facets of society and economy.

The Society: An Inclusive & Cohesive Society

This theme is to develop society as in aspects such as importance of family as the building unit that cultivate and empower the individual, celebrating diversity to augment the city by further promoting multi culturalism. Society which will raise their children inculcated with core values of personal responsibility, tolerance and creativity.

The Experience: The Preferred Place to Live, Work & Visit

This theme focuses on developing best educational, healthcare and housing services which will meet everyone’s need. There will be unique entertainment outlets, cultural experiences which will entertain and appeal the residents, overall making it a secure place to live, work and visit.

The Government: A Pioneering and Excellent Government

The government will pro actively listen and engage stakeholders simplify people life through high quality government services. The government will adopt a culture of innovation and human resource practices that ensure the accumulation and continuity of knowledge and experience for the government.  Government will ensure fair and reliable application of laws also following a transparent approach in implementation of legislation, policies and services.

The Economy: A Pivotal Hub in the Global Economy

The theme fundamentally focuses on sustainable economic growth, innovation in business in models and increasing productivity of labour and capital. Initiatives will be taken to make Dubai the leading business centre, friendly city, and most favoured investment destination.

The Place: A Smart & Sustainable City

The theme focuses on smart and integrated community incorporating world class infrastructure, offering access to social and economic services. The theme focuses on the importance of sustainability in managing against Dubai’s future growth by confirming the availability of clean energy sources. The theme also examines the urban environment of the city highlighting the need to implement the highest standards of safety.

Finally, the plan addresses the government as the custodian of the city development in all facets, this will further enhance the existing appeal of Dubai. Dubai is already the most happening city and Dubai has beaten the likes of New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Paris to be named the best city in the world to work and live in. Are you looking to Invest in Dubai Real estate market? Click here to contact us for more Details…

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