dubai city of dreams

Dubai has been a city of dreamers, visionaries and achievers. People come to the city with lots of dreams and they got fulfilled. If you have heard facts about rising of a common man into a business tycoon or have seen the transformation of the deserts and waterfronts of Dubai into architectural landmarks and wonderful lakes, It all happened due to the power of dreams.

Whether you are a common man with the dream of buying a home, or a businessman dreaming of a successful business, Dubai has fulfilled many dreams in the city. All the skyscrapers of Dubai are the result of a dream. If you do not dream, you cannot achieve it.

Here goes the story of a common man with a dream in Dubai. A. Iqbal, an Indian resident came to Dubai with the dream of having a new home and to arrange finances for the marriage of his sister. Earning a meagre salary of AED 1,000, he was chasing his dream. One day, he got a call saying he won a kilo of gold worth around AED 118,000 during the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2016. He could not believe that the dream city has realized his dream in such a short period of time. It is the city that fulfills all dreams. The city has realized many dreams and this is one of the live examples.

Mr. Iqbal

The city boasts of the world’s greatest landmarks and exquisite projects. Through amazing feats of engineering,  people of Dubai have transformed the city. They have dreamt it and they have realized it. If you have a dream with a passion, no one can stop you to realize your it. If the dream of a bachelor who recently came to Dubai can be fulfilled, any dream can be realized here in Dubai.

The city of dreams has set international standards in lifestyle with its innovative approach and established itself as a world-class destination for business and tourism. The wonder city is well known for its classy infrastructure, elevated standard of living, outstanding safety regulations and last but not the least harmony.


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