Mr. Gurnani’s Long Term View About Real Estate Developments In Dubai

Dubai Real Estate Market

The Home Finance and properties advertising supplement by Gulf News publishes property news for investors and real estate agents. The advertising supplement published an article “Long term view about real estate developments in Dubai” which discusses briefly about the real estate markets, the demand and supply, and also weather it’s the right time to buy property in Dubai.
Dubai Real Estate Market

Dubai Real Estate Market:
Tenants are in huge relief with leasing cost taking a noticeable dip; the fall in price was already predicted by the realty experts last year. Sales prices for all kinds of properties have experienced an increase of almost 6% but the increase in the rental rates have dropped from 10% to 3%. Even the chief locations such as Discovery Gardens, International City and Dubai Sports City which witnessed huge rise in prices in the 2014 have now experienced a decline. But with this market movement the real estate market of Dubai has revealed that it is going to remain stable this year. But these changes in variation of prices may affect investors at the time of purchase because the situation is more or less feels like a gamble.

Right step:
According to other real estate agents that change in prices are very certain and it will re adjust the demand and supply at the right prices so investors have nothing to fear. Real estate expert says that any real estate market will experience price adjustments every three to four years, the change is price helps in developing into the precise direction with much stronger fundamentals.

Currently the market for apartments is increasing whereas on the other side the prices are falling slightly for townhouses and villas. A stage of quick growth has been witnessed. Also other properties types such as retail spaces, hotel and offices and other commercial projects will experience the same growth. Rents have been rising at a sensible rate for the past few years.

The market will be prepared soon for the next phase of growth.

According to reports majority of the business sectors are doing well, the population growth rate is positive. Despite of the slight decrease in the volumes of property transactions, Dubai is appealing more and high net worth individuals.

Another realty expert stated that even though there is a bit uncertainty the property buyers are feeling positive.

Dubai Real Estate Market
Gulf News
Dinesh Ramchand Gurnani realty expert dubai
Gulf News

Dubai Realty expert Dinesh Ramchand Gurnani Managing Director of real estate services company Riveria Global Group believes an educated investor will always make the right decision.

“Buying property for investment or for personal use in the UAE is ideally a long term endeavour and the decision to buy should be based on looking at the overall progress of the region” he says

Dinesh added “If you see the graph of property prices since 2011 you will notice that the prices have gradually been moving up-in short, it is a good time to invest in property in Dubai.

“The investor just needs to have clear guidance to identify the location and, more importantly, the project that is worth investing in, as well as in formed broker who can advise on the right options”

Shift in attitude:
According to property experts, there is huge anticipation of Dubai property hitting its top in the year 2015. Property experts suggest that there even if the market witnesses a peak, there is no enough indication as such that there will be a fall in the property market.

The city will witness huge appetite for high end projects specifically from the ultra high net individuals around the globe.

According to the chairman of a Dubai real estate developer stated “The real estate market will driven by home owners not by speculators and also this in a huge indication that the market is maturing further”

The property market of Dubai will remain stable and it is witnessing strong growth from the past records. Investors from throughout the world and local buyers have relied on Dubai real estate market and confident on the return on investment from Dubai property.

Buying / Selling Property:
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