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There is huge demand for Commercial Properties In Dubai due to plenty of business start ups and the ever increasing employment rate. Designing the interiors of an office will be done incorporating psychological needs of people in mind. The current commercial units in Dubai are strategically planned, high quality infrastructure which features open areas and state of art facilities. Nevertheless there has been preference from the companies looking for a work space units which will have a positive impact to their overall business strategy and success. This preference is largely due to the fact that research shows how the physical surrounding can affect you psychologically. An environment if not designed keeping in mind people accommodating, their type of use then this can significantly effect their job satisfaction and staff productivity.

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Taking interior designing of an office space to next level is important, Dubai will have more of offices which are not just working space but infrastructures which will enhance the physical, cognitive and emotional well being of workers. Designers will have the visual perspective on how the office should be designed, the type of furniture, colour and design schemes which will inculcate worker productivity and spaces that would lead thriving work environment. The work space according to recent studies have shown is more productive if the employees are able to exchange and share ideas, so the spaces will be designed accordingly to incorporate maximum interaction between the staff, this will lead to innovation in a workplace and stimulate brainstorming. The layout of the office space effects significantly,   From interiors  where the employee is seated to all the way to the escalator, how the employees walk in to their pantry areas, have their lunch, all these spaces seems to create an impact in the workers productivity. Having a beautifully designed working space leading a creative work room, the style of interiors whether they are formal, modern can affect the moods of the staff. It’s not designing a completely open space, but workers privacy will be kept into mind, a more focused space which will make them feel rewarding.

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The workspace will be designed keeping in mind the physically challenged employees, their conveniences and needs will be put into priority while designing which will bring in a comfortable work environment. The designing will be in simple terms the act of adding an inclusive design table where the legs can be adjusted to make more space to seat a person in a wheelchair can further enhance the workspace.

The aesthetics of the workplace will be more of professional space which will enhance the overall productivity of the company, create a welcoming feel for the employees, and enhance creative thinking and interaction between employees.

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