Healthy Dubai real estate market

Plunge In Oil Price Will Not Impact Healthy Dubai Real Estate Market

The Plunge in oil prices will not have a significant impact on the Dubai’s thriving property market due to high demand for property. In...
Dubai to hike spending to USD11.17bn in '15 budget

Rent Forecast 2015 For Dubai

The real estate market in Dubai is flourishing with more demand, there has also been slight variation in rental prices depending on locations. As...
Dubai The Most Growing City In The World

Dubai The Most Growing City In The World

As per the survey of a leading American think tank which included 300 cities, Dubai is on the top five to become one of...
Shaikh Ahmed

Dubai Is Coping Well And Expected To Grow Further Than 4.5% This Year, Says...

According to the senior official of Emirate: Dubai Economy is efficiently dealing well through the problematic global environment and is presumed to develop around...

Dubai to hike spending to USD11.17bn in ’15 budget

According to an official statement- In 2015 Dubai is anticipating on running a balanced budget, yet it has raised it’s spending by 9 percent...

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Investment Opportunities


Seven Legal Factors NRIs Should Be Aware Of While Investing In Indian Realty

Real Estate is one the most preferred investment options due to its attractive returns in India. However, NRIs who prefer to invest in India...
invest in dubai real estate

10 reasons why you must invest in Dubai property

Here are a few reasons for investors to consider committing to the Dubai real estate sector: Expo 2020 is coming to Dubai Dubai is hosting the...
Mumbai City

Mumbai Becomes Richest Indian City With Highest Number Of Billionaires And Millionaires

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, has been named the richest city in India. According to New World Wealth, an international Intelligence and Marketing...