Nakheel Chairman, Ali Rashid Lootah

During uncertainty investors are more probably to be confident in the solidity possessed by a property asset.

According to the popular real estate developer Nakheels Chairman, Ali Rashid Loath made a statement that majority of investors from especially from the overseas are inclined to invest in properties during a turmoil or uncertainty.
Nakheel Chairman, Ali Rashid LootahDubai developers will be at perfect solidarity with Looter’s statement. Many off plan releases in Dubai in the upcoming months will axis on the city’s remarkable status and most preferred safe haven for regional or global investors.

The arithmetic they support their prospect on is clear-cut — the profit on residential realty in Dubai is still superior — at 6-8 per cent —to what the further developed destinations can provide, around the 4 per cent mark.

Few developers are inclining their marketing pitches towards regional investors. According to the Director at Indigo Properties, Anand Lakhiani : There are impending repeat buyers in the market such as Saudi Arabia and the same type of pipeline of buyer activity exist in Dubai for properties.

Abyaar Real Estate Development Company has proclaimed that the centerpiece of its delayed development located in Jumeirah, Dubai. The development is planned is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2015.

The company also stated that they are in the progress of completing Hilliana Tower, situated at the center of its Acacia Avenues development.

This project reached a height of 104 meters of offered 28 residential storeys’s and was actually launched in 2007 due to the global financial crisis many developments got stalled in Dubai and this development was one of it.

The company also added the main focus at present is to complete Hillman tower. The construction works of Hillman is about to be completed and it is also in the final stages it its completion. In addition it is remarkable that the residential units of the Tower were sold on the whole within a less span of time.

Acacia Avenues was launched to be the first development situated in Jumeirah to provide freehold investment and was of worth $550 million.

During the time of launch it was depicted to be first class community, providing posh health club, pedestrian access throughout, spa, swimming pools, cafes, squash courts and retail facility.

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