Amazing 6 Bedrooms Onyx Villa For Sale In Al Barari.

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  • REF NO.
  • - DIN SP 468
  • Location
  • - Al Barari
  • Type
  • - Villa / Bunglow
  • Builtup Area
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Property Description

5 Bedroom Villa / Bunglow For sale In Al Barari, Dubai

This wonderful villa consists of 4 bedrooms, the villa has 2 huge terraces out of which two are pen terrace and 1 is covered terrace. The Reserve Master Plan is a dazzling enclave with exclusive villas nestled within the serenity of Al Barari. The Reserve offers you plot sizes going all the way up to 75,000 sq. ft. A choice of four Core and Shell properties allow you to etch your individuality in matters of interior layout and exterior landscaping. Free-hold residences with generous plot sizes, you can customize your home the way you want and choose from interior layouts and landscaping options designed by us and a wide choice of luxurious interior & exterior finishes.


The Reserve at Al Barari comprises of freehold plots and 28 high-end bespoke freehold villas with 6 or more bedrooms built across 4 leaves (7 villas per leaf) to service the ever-growing global property market trend of home customization. 1 fully customized contemporary villa, 13 'shell and core' freehold villas completed and further 14 freehold villas in development.

The generous plots and 28 freehold villas are amidst the abundance of Dubai's lowest density urban development, The Reserve at Al Barari is a point of still tranquility, a retreat that complements the dynamism of Dubai, immersed in nature, yet only 10 minutes’ drive from the cultural and financial heart of Downtown, Airport and Burj Khalifa (A direct road to Meydan is currently under construction).


Al Barari another location for ardor forever. The vision and longs for small time came into the manifestation of such sumptuous and perfect estates. Another amazing choice of luxury villa for sale in Dubai. It is the leader advancement of the Zaal family under the administration of the regarded Emirati agent Zaal Mohammad. Al Barari encompassed by new and lavish finished enclosures. The private estates bring a flawless picture of the finest living space in Dubai. From the minute you step onto the property you psyche and heart will be enamored and hypnotized by the rich bloom setting of the arrangements and organic hideaways. These brilliant and awe inspiring private homes are situated in such an interesting scene heaven, to the point that panders to the observing taste of the individuals who long for living in superb homes of Al Barari. To have confidence in the words it must be seen and once seen nobody might want to leave the lavish manors. The estates of Al Barari Acacia, Bromellia and Dahlia .

The villas of Al Barari Acacia, Bromellia and Dahlia are planned and spread in excess of 14 million square feet range of botanic separation out of which 80 percent is incorporated in rich scene and open spaces. It displays an elite manors, colorful arrangements, energetic society and tranquil living space. The spark is taken from desert spring and wild and expert arrangement is planned in such a structure, to the point that it makes paradise of greenery and conduits while the encompassing are regular and appears to be untouched. The excellence, quality, boundless cluster of themed enclosures and superb painted scenes of the estates set them separated from rest of Dubai. Al Barari has been painstakingly mixed with security and feeling of disengagement that it gives a simple access to just about all the key fascination of Dubai. The villas are available and are positioned to be one of the best private properties
for rent/sale in Dubai.

Facilities and Amenities:

Al Barari is arranged close to The Farm restaurant and is delightfully punctuated by quiet conduits and lavish painted scenes that sets out unwinding and likewise charges 430 square meter wellbeing club and spa. The office gave at the Villas looks into the needs and inclination of every last individual occupant and appropriately gives unwinding ranges that comprise of private male and female changing rooms, private bath room, steam and sauna. The private space for luxuries opens out onto an open terrace that is overall encircled by glorious scene making green dividers for protection.

The extensive variety of spa medicines might be appreciated alongside the wide mixture of amazing and wellbeing natural cooking styles by the visitor as the Farm Restaurant is close-by. To give a tweaked wellness to the people a recreation center and wellness focus is consolidated at the Al Barari community offices.

The exercise center is generally furnished with state of the art supplies that make the preparation session calm enlivening and energizing. The facilities similarly give a different room to yoga, Pilates, turning class or whatever viable gathering movement could be effectively done. After an exhaustive movement the visitor or the occupants can have unwind and reviving time in the swimming pool which is placed on the upper knoll behind the recreation center.

A hi-tech and remarkable boutique resort is additionally situated in the scene of the Al Barari which panders to the need of a cosmopolitan population and is joined of 6 star lodging facilities and resort villas, administration lofts and private parts club, spa medications, wellbeing club, silver screen/assembly hall corporate work places and retail facilities.

Shopping Areas:

As everybody is well mindful of the way that Dubai has formed itself into a multi social global city in that Al Barari is developed in the heart of Dubai, half path between the Dubai Marina, Deira and the open desert. The closest Shopping heaven is The Dubai Mall which is said to be the best and one of the celebrated shopping territory of Dubai it is likewise a vacation spot.

Schools Nearby:

The Repton School of Dubai, Dubai American Scientific School and Our Own Indian School of Dubai are the most close-by schools from Al Barari group. They are one of the known schools in Dubai with world class education and other social exercises.

Healthcare Institutions Nearby:

Some of the known healthcare foundations are just adjacent to Al Barari, for example, Saudi German Hospital. Dubai Hospital located at Al Barari and Al Zahra Hospital at Sheik Zayed Road. Every one of them generally furnished with all sort of medications and world's best specialists are additionally there for your administration.

Al Barari 5 bedroom villa – Return on investment: 3.75%

Additional Details

  • Price
  • - AED 28,500,000
  • Ref. No.
  • - DIN SP 468
  • Type
  • - Villa / Bunglow
  • Bathrooms
  • - 0
  • Plot Area
  • - Sq. Ft.
  • Available From
  • -
  • Status
  • - For sale
  • Title
  • - Amazing 6 Bedrooms Onyx Villa For Sale In Al Barari.
  • Rooms
  • - 5
  • Covered Area
  • - Sq. Ft.
  • Type of ownership
  • -
  • Location
  • - Al Barari, Dubai


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